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[MOL] Hopkins Q&A: Male Menopause No Myth

Good Morning My Friends,

This message is for the men. But the women can peek. After reading this
what will be next, PMS for men? LOL. YOu just never know.

Yes, there may well be such a thing as the male menopause, but
the malaise goes far beyond the so-called "midlife crisis" of
popular culture.  More specifically, the male version of
menopause is the gradual decline in the chief male sex hormone,
testosterone, in the average man which begins as early as the
third decade of life.  Most men remain unaware of the decline,
but researchers now believe that it may be associated with common
age-related changes like high cholesterol, muscle weakness,
weight gain, and heart problems.  Marc R. Blackman, M.D.,
professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions,
chief of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Johns Hopkins Bayview
Medical Center, and program director for the General Clinical
Research Center, has actively studied the phenomenon for the past
20 years in animal and human models.  In this InteliHealth
interview, Dr.  Blackman says he is currently wrapping up a major
double-blind study that he hopes will yield "striking findings"
about medicine's ability to help men age more gently.


God Bless and have a Great day all
marty auslander
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