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[MOL] Nanotechnology will be the next big tech wave

Good Morning My FRiends,

Thought you would like to know the following information.

*** 'Machine' crafted out of DNA

(AP) - Scientists have made a moving part out of a few strands of
DNA, a step toward building incredibly tiny "machines" that could
someday perform intricate jobs like building computer circuits and
clearing clogged blood vessels in the brain. The hinge-like part,
which bends on cue, is just four-ten-thousandths of the width of a
human hair. The new work is not the first time scientists have turned
chemical compounds into moving parts. But previous examples have been
hampered by their floppy nature. The DNA device, however, is
particularly rigid and executes motions 10 times bigger, lead
researcher Nadrian C. Seeman said. See


God Bless
marty auslander
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