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Re: [MOL] List of Names for Prayer----Inclusion of Ma Sale

    Dear Lillian, 

          Thank you for including my wife in the prayer, as a petition for
curing/healing her breast cancer mets. She currently is doing pretty well. We
have been fighting the mets sinceOct.,1997.  Prior to that she found the
cancer in May, 1991. She had a breast removed and took tamoxifen and chemo.
She had high dose chemo/stem cell salvage in the summer of 1998. Prior to that
she had taxol which worked so very well for just a few months and then quit
working. The  high dose chemo was only effective for about 4 months. When it
became evident that the mets was active again she took several herpacin
treatments which weren't effective. She is currently taking xeloda which is
being effective. We pray it will continue to be.

       The main reason you probably won't read much e-mail from me on MOL is
because I am a very slow typist

        Thanks for caring!

         Your friend,
          Pa Sale

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