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Thank you Carla for welcoming me to your very special group....I have slowly come to "know" you all by listening in silently...sometimes I felt like I was eavesdropping.  These past 4 years have been quite a journey - 2 to discover what was wrong (despite all the doctors saying there was nothing wrong) and 2 since the "terminal" diagnosis.  I am doing great, and thank God every day for the quality of life that I continue to enjoy.  I prayed at the onset that God grant me life to see my youngest (now a freshman in high school, then a 6th grader) graduate from High School.  2 years have passed almost, and I'll probably be greedy and ask Him to please let me see my sons graduate from College, and then of course, I'd love to bounce a grandchild on my knee...!!!) You get the picture.  I keep thanking Him for today, and for all the friends, and prayers and support I've received along the way....they all keep me going.  Thanks for being a new friend. love. C.

Carla wrote:

 Welcome aboard Cori...  Don't get me wrong, I am not and never would welcome anyone to the cancering journey, but I do welcome you and our other molers to this wonderful support network... I, like you came on board and just watched and listened for awhile...  well, actually I was one of those who signed up and didn't know what a bulletin board was and kept sending messages to people saying that I got their email by mistake!!  LOL!! That was a year ago and have I come a long way, much due to this forum.  I have not had the support in my "real life" and this forum has become my family..  It is here that I learned to give words to my feelings of cancer and being on the cancering journey..  It is here that I post my fears and here that I share my tears..  With that much trust, it is also here that I have learned to laugh and to allow others to help me when I was feeling down... I am very glad that your wellness program and your faith have brought you to a new level of understanding about life; what to let go of, what to change and what to believe in..... I am looking forward to getting to know you better.. God Bless you, Carla