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[MOL] zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, no... this is not the last letter of the alphabet, but rather your old moler friend Carla trying to read her emails.....  Short night for we night owls...!!  LOL!  To make it worse it is the season of the full moon and I am going to bed to hide my head and catch up on my z's...
Much love to you and will try to chat more tomorrow.. I am baking cheesecake (not for me Marty...LOL) tomorrow.  Going to try a Raspberry with chocolate...
I am really feeling puny these days... Having aches, pains, bumps!!   Gosh I am falling apart...  I am going to try to flip the mattress on the bed, as I have had a stiff neck for 2 weeks and think I must be sleeping cockeyed!!
Sleep tight my friends and dream the dreams of angels.... Carla