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[MOL] If you can read this it's for U

Hi Friend:
You are my friend and if you read this then it's a poem for you.


Another day is dawning,
Another day’s begun,
Another day to turn to God
And pray, “Thy Will be done.”
A day to slay doubt’s dragons.
To know within your soul
That as you give yourself to Him,
He’ll bless and make you whole.
A day to live with purpose,
A day to show you care
When others turn to you distraught,
Confused, or in despair.
A day to share god’s blessings
In quiet, countless ways,
That touch the heart with hope and joy,
And brighten cloudy days.
A day for sweet rejoicing,
For gratitude and praise
Because His love enfolds you,
Both now, and all your days.

Written by Vi B. Chevalier

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