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Re: [MOL] RE: Our Mol Friend, & My Dear Friend Died.....

Hi Cori,
You are so right, thank you for sharing.  I haven't seen you post before, I
sure hope you do more often, we need your insight, to lighten some souls.  God
Bless you.
Love you,

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<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] RE: Our Mol Friend, &  My Dear Friend Died.....
 Date:	1/29/99 11:29:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Stuart Scott Harth)
 When I was first diagnosed, a read a book by Dr. Bernie Siegel , called 'Love
 Medicine & Miracles' - I heard cancer described by many as "the best thing
 had ever happended to them"  " a real turning point in their lives, for the
 better"...etc - I have to admit, I could not readily identify with these
 2 years ago... but my perspective has changed.  In many ways, my journey with
 cancer has been a very enlightening one, a very uplifting experience, a
 chance I've been given to do things differently....I read something not too
 ago that really struck a chord with me..."it's not a pity that life's too
 it's a pity that we take so long to learn to live it right "....My whole
 persepective on life has changed, for the better...I now understand what they
 talking about...and for that I am very grateful to God.  Love. Cori.
 > Hi Dee,
 > I know, we all hate this Cancer, the journey of being on it or following
 > it just really all sucks, but!  How would have we all met, had it not been
 > cancer, and the internet, and we have to thanks God for that, I have met so
 > many dear friends on Mol, so I know when I get to heaven I'll have such
 > wonderful company.  What I don't understand is why God let's so many suffer
 > so.  We just have to look at the good in all of this, and be greatful that
 > all have each others support, love, caring and sharing, and we have a ton
 > that flowing in this forum.
 > Thank you God for all of you,
 > Nanc
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 > writes:
 > << From: (Dee Williams)
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 >  To:
 >  Dear Nanc,
 >  I am so sorry to hear about Nonie's passing. I did
 >  not have enough time to get to
 >  know her but she must have been very special for
 >  you to write such kind words
 >  about her. It makes me so very sad to hear of this
 >  disease claiming one more person!!!
 >  I am sorry for your loss and please tell John that
 >  I send my sympathy to him!!!
 >  Love, >>

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