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[MOL] In need of some hope


I found your address on the internet.My sister has been dianosed with
Ewings Sarcoma for the third time in a peroid over 13 years. She is only
31 years old and for the second time it is in her lung and on her chest
cavity.It it only recently that we found out the name of this cancer and
was told that most patient only survive 7 years after diagnosed.We know
that she has been very lucky to still be with us.She has had 2 courses
of chemo and 2 surgeys. Her doctor is not sure on the type of treatment
to give this time as she can not be givin the other 2 again. He may go
with surgey if it is not to riskey.She has one lung badly damaged from
the first radiation and it is not the lung that has the tumor so our
options are not good.Would you please give me some info on this type of
cancer.Her doctor has been very up front with us so we are aware that
this time it is not so good.Would be very thankful for any hpoe that you
may be able and also an understanding of what we are dealing with.
Thank you


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