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Re: [MOL] lillian RED BEATS!!!! PJ!

Dear C:

Thanks I welcome all recipes.

I purchased the Juiceman for my mom as a Christmas gift.  She adores it and
now I think it's time for me to break out mine which is in the basement.

You are really sweet to respond to this.  I think juicing is wonderful.

I believe I shared this with Marty a while back.  But when I was a baby I was
severely allergic to milk.  Mom gave me goats milk for a very long time.  My
family was very interested in juicing and as I grew older my mom gave me alot
of organic fruits and juices.  I never had soda until I was in High School.  

I'm so excited about juicing so tomorrow I will certainly enjoy one of your

We all benefit from each others wisdom.  You were very kind in sharing this to

Thank again.

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