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Re: [MOL] Hate this dreadful disease.

Hi Mary and Tami,
Now just look at our Mary, she is going through some kind of hell right now
and she is right out her picking up our MOL Angel Tami, the angels in this
forum just never cease's to amaize me.  And you Tami, yes they should do full
scans and did with my Don and still do, Boby, bone scans and Mri's of the
head.  I think someone didn't do the job right for your loved one, and I would
be upset big time in your shoes.  It really seams a shame that we have to do
the research and have to make sure that the medical profession are all doing
their jobs right and are doing the best that they can for our loved ones.  And
like with Mary and Angelo, why isn't it easier to get the items in to better
care for him, something is really wrong with this picture and somehow someone
needs to start turning this around.  How can we do it when we are so involved
with fighting this cancering journey?  My heart goes out to all of you.
Love you,

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<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] Hate this dreadful disease.
 Date:	1/29/99 10:09:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Mary Furfaro)
 Dear Tami,
 Don't appologize for venting!  Thats what we're here for.  I agree
 with you about doing full body scans.  I don't understand why they
 don't do them either.  Probably because they are too expensive!
 We just found out New Years Eve that Angelo's nsclc has spread to
 his brain also.  He had 7 radiation treatments and decided to stop.
 They were making him sooo sick.  
 I will pray for you and your family.  Remember we are all here with
 you on this journey.  
 Love ya,
 > Hello to All,
 >   I posted a few weeks ago about my dad with nsclc and my sister-in-law
 > with a brain tumor.I rec'd several replies and alot of encouraging words.
 > We then found out my dad's adrenal glands were enlarged and the onc dr.
 > thought it was 99% sure to be cancer.
 > they were going to start some pretty harsh chemo, but my dad chose to wait
 > a couple of months. He then started complaining about his neck hurting.
 > Well he had an MRI this morning. My sister works for his family dr. My
 > sister tried to find the results all day today, and then towards the end of
 > the day, the dr. told her he had hidden them from her until he had a chance
 > to talk to her. There are 4 spots in his brain and they rushed him to the
 > hospital to start radiation tonite. My sister told me that these spots
 > could have been there for awhile. What I don't understand is why don't they
 > do full body scans ? You think things are finally going to be OK for awhile
 > and then you get slapped in the face. I'm not ready to lose my dad. I read
 > about everyone else online and I feel their pain and shed tears for the
 > ones lost and pray for ones to be healed. Sorry if it seems I am rambling
 > on, I just needed to vent. I rec'd a phone call from my ex-mother-in-law
 > and she told me her husband has bladder cancer. I hate this disease.
 > Tami
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