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Re: [MOL] RE: Our Mol Friend, & My Dear Friend Died.....

Hi Dee,
I know, we all hate this Cancer, the journey of being on it or following it,
it just really all sucks, but!  How would have we all met, had it not been for
cancer, and the internet, and we have to thanks God for that, I have met so
many dear friends on Mol, so I know when I get to heaven I'll have such
wonderful company.  What I don't understand is why God let's so many suffer
so.  We just have to look at the good in all of this, and be greatful that we
all have each others support, love, caring and sharing, and we have a ton of
that flowing in this forum.
Thank you God for all of you,

In a message dated 1/29/99 10:22:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< From: (Dee Williams)
 Dear Nanc,
 I am so sorry to hear about Nonie's passing. I did
 not have enough time to get to
 know her but she must have been very special for
 you to write such kind words
 about her. It makes me so very sad to hear of this
 disease claiming one more person!!!
 I am sorry for your loss and please tell John that
 I send my sympathy to him!!!
 Love, >>
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