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[MOL] Lillian/Dee here

Hi dear Lillian,

Thank you for your concern about me and how
everything is on this end of the Mol
line... Actually, I am up to my eyeballs trying to
gather figures for the cost of my
daughter's college expenses so I have them ready
for court in Alabama 2/16....
I have to sue my ex in order to get him to pay
something towards his daughter's
college expenses...

My dad turned the keys to his business of twenty
years over to the new owner on
this past Weds. - it was difficult for him, my
mom, and my twin sis (she had part
ownership in it as she worked it with my dad)...
It is the end of a chapter in their
lives but my parents are already getting invites
out during the weekdays now from
friends and neighbors... God does seem to work
things out when you least expect
it doesn't He????

Hope that you are doing great and keep up the
great work that you do on this
Mol forum - you are one in a million!!!! Thank
you  :)

ps - I know that I can always count on you to be
up late like I am most of the time  :)

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