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Re: [MOL] For You/Nance + All, I blew it, I'm sorry.

In a message dated 1/29/99 10:18:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, NLPOST writes:

<< Subj:	Re: [MOL] For You/Nance + All
 Date:	1/29/99 10:18:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
 Hi PJ,
 Now that's my Girl, you have to think possitive to be successful, and this
letter tells me your on your way, you have to do things for you, people around
you could change in a heartbeat, that's why you have to like yourself, and do
always have a means of supporting yourself.  You know Les started out with the
same cance as Don, & the same treatment, only a few months eariler.  This
really scares me, wondering when Don's will take off again.  Don't say nothing
to MOL's though, that I am scared.  You stay possitive, OK. Do you belong to a
Sam's Club out there, that's where I bought the Print Shop Premier, and also
the Business Card paper, prints out 10 cards, and they just tear away, That'a
like the little business cards I sent to you.  
 Good luck, you'll have fun working with that program.
 Love you,
 In a message dated 1/29/99 9:55:29 PM Eastern Standard Time,
PSerritell@AOL.COM writes:
 << Subj:	 Re: [MOL] For You/Nance + All
  Date:	1/29/99 9:55:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
  From:	PSerritell@AOL.COM
  I absolutely love this.
  I'm going to send this to a friend that I haven't seen for a long time.
  I'm really upset because he and I are going thru the same with our parents
  having colon cancer.  He was a big part of my life and when our lives went
  different directions I always had him in my heart.  He was alwsys there for
  me.  I could tell him anything and he listened.   I finally got enough nerve
  to call him the other day and I hope when I feel better with the way I look
  can meet him for lunch.
  I'm just really upset with my weight and now that I'm the track to WELLNESS
  I'm going to make sure I see him and let him know I'm here and I can't think
  of a better way to do it then send him your lovely words.
  I finally resolved within    m e   that I need to lose weight for me and not
  for my husband, mother, aunt uncle , neighbor or the guy in the gas station
  but for me.  Something just clicked and I said enough.  I have been so
  enlightened by this group and I want to be here to help and listen to all of
  you and I can't do that if my own body is not being taken care of.  Joining
  the health club was a HUGE step for me and it makes me feel like I'm 10
  It's funny when I was younger and skinnier (now 34) I would say oh how could
  people not exercise or lose weight.  Boy did that bullet bite me hard.....So
  here I am finally my mind focused on starting a business and starting
  for me.
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