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I am 5'9 and at the time I weighed about 155.  Now I go about 140.  All in all
I lost 15 lbs.  Again, I had extra to spare.  Also, right before that happened
I beagn changing my eating habits and had been taking some really good
vitamins and herbs.  I believe I did better than expected because of the
herbs, etc....I still take quite a few(garlic, spirulina, echincacea, green
tea, centrum vitamins, esiak tabs).  I went off of these for awhile there and
I could see a difference in my energy level, and emotional level as well.  Yes
the esophogus thing was horrible.  The worst part is that you want to eat but
you can't because it hurts so bad.  When it got so I couldn't drink any water,
well.......And yes, I lost those 15lbs in about a week or so.  Take care.
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