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[MOL] What a Day!

Hi All,

You all tell stories of your frustrating days. Well, today I had a really
frustrating one.

When I left my house to go to work I found that either someone had been in
my garage and left my car door open or I had mistakenly left it open last
night when I got home from work. Regardless of how it happened, my battery
was dead. Well, I  woke Jeff, my son, and told him I needed his help. He
came out and put the quick charge battery starter on it, but it would not

Well, I had an alternative. I would drive my big herkin van which I hate to
drive. (GMC full sized). So I got to work okay, but when I got in the van
at noon to come home for lunch, I found I had left the lights on and I had
a dead battery. I had to go find someone to give me a jump start, but it
didn't work so the person brought me home for lunch and so I could get my
other car which had been on the charger all morning. My son went back with
me to work and helped me get the van started so he could drive it home but
I had lost about an hour at work which I ended up making up by staying
late. So, I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I would like to sit and put my feet
up, but I can't. I have to take my son to work and pick him up about 10. I
hate car trouble.


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