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Re: [MOL] Les.

Thanks for letting us know about Les, Carla.
We will certainly pray harder for both him and Peg.
It never rains, but pours, hey? 
Love to you 
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Date: Saturday, 30 January 1999 10:53
Subject: [MOL] Les.

I have not been able to read messages and I know that Peg has already called Nanc, but I felt I should post this to you all to make sure that you know that Les is not doing well and is in the hosptial.
It turns out that the brain mets have now become spine mets and there are several tumors.  Les has been given a time frame of 2 weeks to 6 months.
Peg says that he will come home next week and they will bring in hospice, but she also says that he will be getting radiology.  She said that transport will not be covered to get him to and from radiology, so that is something they have to figure out.. I have offered to help as I can.
Please lift Peg and Les up in prayer...  Love, Carla