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Re: [MOL] Les.

I will be praying for Peg and Les.  

> I have not been able to read messages and I know that Peg has already
> called Nanc, but I felt I should post this to you all to make sure
> that you know that Les is not doing well and is in the hosptial.
> It turns out that the brain mets have now become spine mets and there
> are several tumors.  Les has been given a time frame of 2 weeks to 6
> months.
> Peg says that he will come home next week and they will bring in
> hospice, but she also says that he will be getting radiology.  She
> said that transport will not be covered to get him to and from
> radiology, so that is something they have to figure out.. I have
> offered to help as I can.
> Please lift Peg and Les up in prayer...  Love, Carla
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