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Re: [MOL] sick mail server... mine!

Dear Carla,
It is probably an error in the message. If it happens again, call your server and ask them to delete the offending message. This happens to me fairly regularly, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is a message I sent you! If so, I am very sorry!
Love Mam 
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From: Carla <>
To: mol cancer <>
Date: Friday, 29 January 1999 14:59
Subject: [MOL] sick mail server... mine!

Well, I just got home from a meeting and am trying to retrieve my messages and guess what?? I have a sick mail server.. It is giving me 25 of 50 of them and it gets stuck on #26.. I disconnect.. try again and get the first 25 and it gets stuck on #26...
So I hope that you all know I am sending you lots of hugs and I have no idea what happened after 8:30.. hopefully that will be rectified soon...  But, I must go to bed... this night owl has to get up at 5:30 a.m.   .... egads.. is that  even godly??  I don't usually go to bed until 3-3:30...
I am doing a Kay Arthur seminar tomorrow and intensive precepts bible study.. I still can't believe I am getting up that early....  Oh well, I sure hope that you all are having a very good evening and a good day tomorrow.. I won't be checking for messages at 6 a.m... I won't be able to see...  :-)  Love and hugs,Carla