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[MOL] More ABout IP-6

Good morning my friends,

In my quest to learn about new products that suggest cancer killing or
immune system boosting I have learned the following about one product
that you may or may not be interested in. Now, I am not a salesman and
do not suggest that you use this therapy. It is but for information as I
am interested in this for my wife, as well. HOpe this info benefits. I
received this information from another good friend who has similar
interests in overcoming all malignancies once and for all.

God Bless
marty auslander


My friend who used to run a nutrition store sent me some information on
IP6. The info came from a "handout" magazine called Let's Live.  She got
it at a well-known nutrition store.  Here are some excerpts:

"In addition to animal studies, there are several human studies that
shown that IP6 inhibits growth of human prostate cancer cells and
adeno-carcinoma.  Scientists have observed that cancer cells can revert
back to normal cells in the presence of IP6. . . If you want to make IP6
part of your treatment for cancer, take up to 8 gm daily (dose depends
stage of cancer)."

The article was written by Dr. Jose Antonio, Ph.D.


Shamsuddin, A.M. et al. "IP6: A Novel Anti-Cancer Agent," Life Sciences,
1997; 61:343-54

Vucenik, I. et al, "Comparison of Pure Inositol Hexaphosphate and
High-Bran Diet in the Prevention of DMBA-Induced RAt Mammary
Carcinogenesis," Nutrition and Cancer, 19997: 28:7-13

Book by Dr. AbulKalam Shamsuddin "IP6 Nature's Revolutionary
Cancer-Fighter" available at http://www.kensingtonbooks.com BUT YOU

Dr. Shamsuddin (M.D.) is at the University of Maryland School of
Medicine, and is one of the "leading authorities" on IP6.

My friend gave me the two-page handout that is a reprint from the
magazine "Let's Live."  No issue date or volume number.  There is a
number to subscribe to "Let's Live" - 1-800-333-9951.  There may be a
website.  On the back of the handout there is an ad for a book, "IP6
Nature's Revolutionary Cancer-Fighter" by Dr. Shamsuddin.  And a
bookstore website:  http://www.kensingtonbooks.com.
I bought IP-6 in a nutrition store.  It was produced by Dr. Shamsuddin. 
I only took the one bottle, and haven't gotten a refill.  My lung mets
have increased in size 20% in 3 months and there are "too many to count"
according to my doctor, so don't know if the IP-6 made any difference. 
also took Beta Glucan and CoEnzyme Q10.  I probably haven't taken enough
to make any difference, so don't use me as a measuring stick.

Best of luck,


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