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Re: [MOL] Kathy in Boise/Kathy..

Title: RE: [MOL] Kathy in Boise/Kathy..
Eating the beets will wipe the smile off of your face.  How's Jerry feeling today?  It is so good it wasn't cancer and good is wasn't d., that it was something that could be corrected immediately.  Now you know my puns were good!!! Admite it Kathy..your friend, lillian
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Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 10:38 AM
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Okay, Lillian!  Were you telling us to wipe the smiles off our faces, our telling us that eating red beets will wipe the smile off our faces?  ROFLOL  By the way, you should have resisted the pun!!! LOL  Love you, Kathy