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[MOL] About Tumor Markers

Good Morning All.

To answer some of Lil requests to understand Tumor Markers. BAsically
tumor markers is a blood test. Then is tested similarly to DNA, but not
as complex. There are about 9 types of Tumor markers some of which is
used for detection or screening of some and very few malignancies. All
are used for monitoring progress of disease once conventional therapies
are used. For instance.

There is no sceening or tumor marker detection for Ovarian, Uterine and
lymphatic, lymphoma, leukemia, etc. But there is a tumor marker, ca-125
which my Barb gets to mark progress of her disease and to determine
progress of whether chemo is working.

A tumor marker for Prostate, A PSA is a good marker for detection of
Prostate Cancer. Carla and Lil, A CEA is a good marker for breast, lung
cancers, but is not accurate for detection but is used primarily for
charting progress of disease and some screening. Obviously the best
screens for breast is Mammography and for uterine is pap smear. HOpe
this clears this up.

Now, for some hope about tumor markers. Some tumor markers do react or
go up when cancer cells die or when they become inactive. And yes tumor
markers also rise when there is cell activity. Generally in
some malignancies, tumors do not show up until some time after the tumor
markers continue to rise. So the markers is a method of charting or
monitioring, but the best or most extensive method for detection is
other than tumor markers or blood tests. They are cat scans, mris,
ultrasounds, pet scans, a few tumor markers, many blood tests and all in
combination enable the docs to determine whether there are

HOpe this clears this up.
I am posting this to Mol, if you don't mind in a separate post as you

I am concerned about Lils CEA rising, but hope that Lil urges to get
more frequent screening since this tumor marker is on the rise. In other
words, while it may not mean it is alarming, it is an indication that
something may be going on in your body to be alerted to. So, frequent
blood tests and imaging screening is wise. Just my view. Lil pls keep me
posted as to what your next step may be.

God Bless
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