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Re: [MOL] PJ

Hi PJ,
I had a 2 way switch box before but it wouldn't work with my new printer or
Snappy, so my Nephew brought me down a 4 way, it works with everything.  I do
my designing in The Print Shop Premier, It would be worth your while to get
that program.  I'll design you one and paste it to your e-mail to show you
what it can do.
The Problem with AOL is that it does mantinance work and they have a list of
the times they'll be working on upgrading, I just stay off during those times
and avoid the problems.  I agree that they don't always pick good times to be
doing it.  They have a lot more features then others that I have looked into
and the ones that my friends have.  I can't go to the funeral today because
I'm getting out of town company in.  Wow!  They'll be here in just about 1/2
hour, I've got to go and get dressed and make our beds.  Talk to you later.
Love you,

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PSerritell@AOL.COM writes:

<< Subj:	 [MOL] Nanc
 Date:	1/29/99 12:05:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	PSerritell@AOL.COM
 Hi Nanc
 How did you make out with the magazine number I gave you.  I'm having trouble
 getting to sites tonite.  I think AOL is going MIA (missing in action).
 I am going to place an order tonite for a switch box.
 I need this because I never use my laser printer because my other switch box
 doesn't work.
 I remember Christine you sent me info on hooking them up and I will use it
 when I get the new one.
 I was going to try with the buying one from the on-line auctions but I'm a
 little skiddish about dealing with used equipment.  
 I'll just write this off with the new business....whenever I start with
 Nanc-How is your eye healing?
 Thanks for all the info on email addresses you are so kind to help me update
 the records.  Now I have everyone in their right addresses.
 Okay let me sign off and say bye.
 Hope to IM you tomorrow.
 By the way I wanted to know what program you used to print the moler
 I use Microsoft Photo Editor and it worked good.  I'm thinking of using that
 for my business cards and place a picture of one of my baskets.
 I haven't decided on the name of the business yet.
   I really like 
 			Baskets Filled with Love by PJ.  
 			Bottomless Gift Baskets by PJ
 			Give a Basket filled with 
 			Show your Love in a Basket Filled by PJ
 It's really funny because PJ is my screen name and I keep thinking of that
 when naming my business.

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