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[MOL] Love Message

I thought this message would be of interest as it has a powerful

meaning, and thought. I, for one, need the emotions behind the message,
and the emotions of this message is my daily therapy and impetus to be
see the needs and provide the needs to those who need to be loved.

Take care and have a great day.

Love and God Bless

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
no disease that enough love will not heal;
no door that enough love will not open;
no gulf that enough love will not bridge;
no wall that enough love will not throw down; 
no sin that enough love will not redeem.......
It makes no different how deeply seated may be the trouble;
how hopeless the outlook;
how muddled the tangle;
how great the mistake.

A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.
If only you could love and be loved enough you would be the happiest 
and most powerful being in the world......

God Bless
marty auslander
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