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[MOL] 10 Guidelines To Good Health

To All My friends.

  From time to time I like to post this as a reminder that these
guidelines is a general basic list to follow when "toxic stress" gets
the better of us and we feel drained, tired, emotionally and physically
 The guidelines when followed on a daily routine helps to avoid and
overcome chronic and acute conditions in any form and controls the
ability of any disease to become more severe.  Take care and God Bless


1.      Recognize your priorities; allow time for daily rest, relaxation 
and meditation

2.      Exercise each day in the fresh air; take time to enjoy the     
beauty and wonder of nature

3.      Develop a thankful and joyful attitude toward life by expressing 
gratitude to others and taking time to laugh

4.      When life gets hectic and stressful, take a break pick a flower, 
throw a softball, play with a child.

5.      Rest and relax one day per week.

6.      Spend time with people whom you love and enjoy being with

7.      Be the master of your own calendar.

8.      Don't rely on alcohol, coffee, or cigarettes, or television to 
give you a "high"

9.      Learn something new and bring a change of pace to the routine of 
your life.

10.     Identify the gifts that you've been given and take time to     
develop these gifts.

Take care all
Love Marty Auslander
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