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[MOL] alternative/new treatments

hi all of you

a good friend of mine, leaving in belgium, had received the following diagnosis.
i decided to check for him any available treatment besides the one given by his doctor.

it would be great if any of you could help with this.

the diagnosis is as follows:

1) a bronchial swab obtained after aspiration through a bronchoscopy 
shows an inflammation of type PAP V. a bronchial biopsy obtained 
through a bronchoscopy shows a moderately differentiated flat carcinoma in the epithelium.
2) cold-slides after mediastinal scopy: there is a metastesis of 
a well-differentiated epithelial flat carcinoma in the paratracheal segment right.

Thorical CT-scan shows:
There is a tumoral mass in the apical segment right of the lower 
lobe, with associated compression of the bronchius there and contiguous, 
up against the large scissure of which the mass can not be delineated in frontal view.
There is a concomitant pathological glandular mass in the retrocaval 
segment right of the Lodge of Barretti.

A bronchial carcinoma was detected on this patient, afflicted with 
a persistent cough. A metastasis was found on a lymf gland in the 
paratracheal segment right. No long-distance metastases could be 
detected. Neither cranial CT-scan, stomachal CT-scan or skeletal 
scintigraphy put forward any argument for metastases.

Treatment: chemotherapy with TAXOL/PARAPLATINUM.

Thanks  for any of you that can advice.

sam hobb

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