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Re: [MOL] Greg..update/lillian

Hi Lillian,

Yes unfortunately you are correct about the locations of where we live.  It is
actually only 8hrs away.  I would give anything to be with him permenantly but
at this point it is impossible.  We do alot of talking on the phone and the
computer has been a blessing for us.  His mom, who is one of the best mom's in
the world, is his caregiver.  I work for a company that has great benefits and
I have 6 weeks of vacation this year so I am hoping that I will be using it to
spend time with Greg.  We love each other and knew that when he moved to PA we
would be pretty far apart but our love keeps us going thru this.  Thanks for
your prayers, I appreciate it so much and I know that Greg does too.

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