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[MOL] CRoss checks to nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists

Dear Lil,

Yes, of course. We experienced both circumstances where a Doc mistook

the dosage prescription for another. For instance he prescribed a 4 week

interval for Topotecan thinking the interval was TAxol. In fact

interval is 3 weeks. This is a serious mistake. And also we had to

correct the nurses on one occasion and the pharmacist on another and yes

it is sad when you have to become your own doctor. But as human nature

is, we are all human and do make mistakes, not intentionally but

happens. So we have to have cross checks because it is our body, not


God Bless and thanks for reply Lil


lillian jennings wrote:


> Yes, once should always double check; but how sad when it was the mistake of

> the doctors orders, isn't the doctor held accountable also?  What a mess.


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> Subject: [MOL] Nurses cited for chemo overdose


> >Good Morning My Friends,

> >

> >The following message is something for those that face chemotherapy to

> >be cognizant of. HOpe the following information is beneficial. My Barb

> >faced 41 various treatments of chemotherapy over more than 3 years

> >straight. I became very good friends with the pharmacist who mixed the

> >drugs and made ourselves aware of the prescribed mix and dosage of

> >chemotherapies. It was educational as it was a safety factor and

> >preventative for Barb, my wife. wE had heared some horror stories and

> >being educated and precautious is one method of keeping yourself safe

> >from the possibility of overdose.

> >

> >God Bless

> >marty auslander

> >

> >

> >BOSTON (AP) - Eighteen nurses at a renowned cancer center have been

> >cited for giving chemotherapy overdoses to two patients, one of whom

> >died as a result. The overdoses both occurred in 1994. At the time

> >the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's policy did not require nurses to

> >double-check doctors' medication orders and verify their accuracy

> >with experimental protocols or treatment plans. But the Massachusetts

> >Board of Registration in Nursing held Monday that the nurses can be

> >held accountable anyway. Two of the 18 nurses cited by the state

> >board have signed consent agreements to accept probation for one year

> >and to undergo additional training. The other 16 face disciplinary

> >hearings. See

> >http://www.infobeat.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=2557900277-d5b

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