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[MOL] IP-6 Info

Dear Jeanne,

In an article that was written in "Healty Living" the article is written

by Dr. Shamsuddin the inventor, if you will, of Isonitol and IP-6. He

suggests that 2 grams be taking for those who are healthy, as a

preventative, and 4-6 grams for those who are diagnosed. Of course he

also goes on to say that this should be discussed with Onc first.

Although he does not allude to any side effects. Barb has started taking

5 grams a day and to be taken prior to any meal. That is his suggestion.

Take care and thanks for info.

God Bless


james kissinger wrote:


> Hi, Marty, I have been taking this for about 10 months. I take 2 grams

> daily between meals. Where did you get the 4 to 6 gram number? No side

> effects as far as I can tell. Though with all the supplments I take it

> would be hard to sort them out. I feel good and still asymptomatic as far

> as x-rays, blood assays and tumor markers go. I am getting a bit bummed out

> with all this rain though but not ready to take any anti-depressants. I try

> to manage a belly laugh from the jokes I get on line! God bless, Jeanne


> At 07:19 AM 1/25/99 -0800, you wrote:

> >Dear Molers,

> >

> >Been seeing some news about IP-6 a nutrient and have gone into several

> >health food stores and they are sold out on the product. We found one

> >brand of IP-6 by Enzymatic Therapy which contains 400mg of IP-6 and 110

> >mg of Isonitol.  Has anyone have any information or thoughts about this

> >nutrient/pill? My Barb is considering taking this as it has been

> >suggested by some. What are your thoughts?  In addition it was suggested

> >that if you are diagnosed with cancer taking 4-6 grams or 4,ooomg to

> >6,000 mg a day is suggested. Thank you for listening to me.

> >

> >God Bless

> >marty auslander
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