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[MOL] Request for information on Ovarian Cancer treatment

My mother is suffering from third stage ovarian cancer for the past 4 years. While she was admitted in 1994, it was found that she was in the third stage. Hence she was operated and subsequently subjected to Chemotherapy using Cisplatin drugs for 6 cycles. Subsequently she was in a remission period for about 9 months, and thereafter CA-125 showed increased levels. Hence the line of treatment was changed to Carboplatin for 6 more cycles. With this again we were in a position to achieve another 9 months of remission period. Unfortunately the disease relapsed again after a period of 10 months. Again she was subjected for another 5 cycles of Chemotherapy treatment, this time using TAXOL which was supposedly the latest treatment per Doctors. However the last cycle(ie 6th cycle) couldn't be given to her as she was detected to have Global Hypokinesia and some changes in the ECG studies. 

It is now estimated that she should not have any relapse atleast for another 1 year. This I am not very sure as obviously my mother feels some uneasiness though CA-125 results shows normal readings. The apprehension I have is whether the drug can really prevent cancer for next 1 year. And after that what is the next step.

Hence could you please let me know if there is any line of treatment which doesn't involve chemotherapy and is cost effective. Could I also know that the method of treatment adopted by Doctors so far in my mother's case is proper.

Is there a similar drug for ovarian cancer on the lines of antineoplastin ?

I would appreciate an early advise on this.

Suresh, India

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