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Re: [MOL] Thrombosytosis/reply

You know Mam, I found that several times and thought perhaps it may be; but I am so good at sticking my foot in my mouth I did not want to take the chance.  Say pal, how be thee, are you still on the night shift?  It is rapidly approaching my bed time, so tired.  Going to answer these last few e-mails, then that's it for me tonight.  Take care friend, lillian
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From: W & M Rose <>
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Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 9:22 PM
Subject: Re: [MOL] Thrombosytosis/reply

G'day Lil,
I think you'll find it is Thrombocytosis. Will have a look myself later :)
Love Mam 
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From: lillian jennings <>
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Date: Friday, 29 January 1999 4:12
Subject: Re: [MOL] Thrombosytosis/reply

I have used all web browser to find thrombosytosis and have not found anything.  Are you sure that you are spelling it correct.?  Please advise, your friend, lillian
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From: Aimee Reynolds <>
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Date: Thursday, January 28, 1999 9:19 AM
Subject: [MOL] Thrombosytosis

My mother has just been diagnosed with Thrombosytosis and was wondering what
you can tell me about this?  Is it hereditary?  What type of treatments are
available? What causes this?  I appreciate any information you can give me on