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[MOL] weekly prayer list

Hi Friends
Here is the weekly prayer list.  
If you have any changes to this JUST MAIL ME THE CHANGES NOT THE ENTIRE FILE
THAT IS BELOW (i'm not shouting just showing the important part, okay sorry
for that uppercase stuff).  It's really not easy to see the changes in this
file if you email me the entire file again.  Only mail the changes.  Got it
kiddies.  I also welcome all the new molers to join in and put whomever they
wish on this list.   As you can see it is comprised of many different people
who many different petitions.
Thank you so much for your help.  And I'm sorry if I have misspelled your name
or the name of a loved one.  I pray to St. Jude alot and hope that your
intentions are heard.
I would also love to send this to any saint missionary that you wish.  Just
send me the address and I will be most happy to send it.  Always with my love
to you today and always.
Becuase of the type of internet providers we all have the list below may come
out a bit distorted so you may have to do a little adjusting of the words. The
names are in alphabetical order by the first name (easier for all of us).  God
Bless You All.  

Name 						petition to St. Jude.
Al Viscusi	   			     Cure Diabetes
Angelo Furfaro				Curing/Healing of cancer
Anne Palmerin       			Curing/Healing of cancer
Annete Tartaglione			Curing/Healing Sciorsis of liver
Anthony Macaluso			Curing/Healing Diabetes: lost both legs
Barb Auslander				Curing/Healing of cancer
Barbara Silvermen			curing healing of lung cancer with mets to the brain.
Bessie Englund Nanc Mom	Curing/Healing IPF of Lungs
Beth Gagnon, hbs			curing/healing from lung cancer
Betty Kula				      curing/healing of liver cancer
Carla Naehring				Survivor of cancer
Cathy Telesco				Curing/Healing of cancer
Christine White				Survivor of breast cancer
Cindy Rovai		   		     Curing/Healing of breast cancer
Collette Stairhime			Curing healing of brain 
Corinne Bussey				curing/healing of lung cancer with mets to the brain.
Cricket Spiva				Curing/Healing of breast cancer
Deloris Waltz,		            a teenager who is fighting leukemia -- and
currently waiting for a bone marrow transplant;
Devin Aycock				2 years old Healing of asthma
Don Postema				Survivor of cancer
Don Postema				Survivor of cancer
Donna Binder				Curing/Healing of cancer
Donna Dearwester			Small cell lung cancer, recurrence/healing
Doris Harrelson				Curing/Healing of cancer
Dr. Viscusi			       	Heart problems
Emmet Sauer				curing/healing of lung cancer with mets to bone
Evie Kubon				     Passed away 1/99 from cancer
Frank Cromie				Curing/Healing of Cancer
Gail Cunningham			Curing/Healing of cancer
Gail Estes				     Curing/Healing of cancer
Georgi					     curing/healing from basel cell cancer
Gina DeFoe				     Curing/Healing of cancer
Greg Andruczyk			Curing/Healing of cancer
Jackie					     curing/healing of cancer
Janet Sale  				    Curing/Healing Breast Cancer Mets.
Jeanne Buchholz			curing/healing soft tissue pelvic cancer ns.
Jeanne Kissinger			Curing/Healing of cancer
Jerry Corrigan				curing of diverticulitus
Jim Wright				      Curing/Healing of cancer
Jo Siller					Curing/healing of cancer to brain
Joan C					     curing/healing of cancer
Joan D.					     curing/healing of cancer
Joanne Tartaglione			Survivor of Lung Cancer
John Lehner				Curing/Healing of Cancer (face)
John Pringle.				Curing/healing  lung cancer has down gone to his brain
John Sammons				Rectal cancer, recurrence/healing
John Verna				      Curing/Healing of cancer
Joicy Becker Richards		Survivor of Cancer
Joseph Crane				Curing/Healing of cancer
Judy					      curing /healing of Breast 
June Argila			       	Curing/Healing NSCLC-cancer.
Karin					     curing/healing of cancer
Kathy Corrigan				Curing/Healing of cancer
Les Dow				     Curing/Healing of brain cancer tumors
Lillian Jennings				Curing/Healing of cancer
Liz Patterson				Curing/Healing of cancer
Lou Ann Holmes				died Oct 98 from cancer
Louis Frontino				Operated on colon and bladder 1/21/99
Mam & Wayne Rose			Sister died from cancer 98'
Marie Brzuszewski (Dolly)		Curing/Healing cancer of colon
Marilyn Meyer				husband died of cancer 98'
Martha Tobak Cerreto			Curing/Healing of cancer
Martin Jandris				Curing/Healing of cancer
Mary Ann Kelly				Survivor of ovarian cancer.
Mary Ann Montgomery			Curing/Healing of breast cancer
Mary Beth				curing/healing of cancer.
Mary Lou Jones				curing/healing of cancer
Mary Serritella				Curing/Healing of  polymyocytis
Mr. Middleton (Pam's dad)		Survivor of cancer
Nanc Postema				Curing/Healing eye problems
Oma Kirkham, 				died of cancner 98
Patrick Michael Pozderac			Curing/Healing of cancer
Patsy Bean				curing/ healing of lung cancer
Paula Appleton				Lost her husband to cancer
Ralph Truocchio				Cure/Healing his severe arthritis
Ralph Truocchio, Jr.			Cure Diabetes
Rick Doyle				leukemia contined healing has recovered from a recurrence
Rick Lowry				brain cancer, recurrence/healing
Rodney Stairhime 			Curing/Healing of  Stage III nsclc cancer,
Rosemarie Macaluso			Curing/Healing of terminal vaginal cancer
Ross Ylitalo				Curing/Healing of cancer
Ryan P. Neipling 				19 yrs old Died from cancer 1/99 pray for his family
Sandi Newell				curing/healing of cancer
Sandi					curing/healing of Breast cancer.
Suzanne					curing/healing of lung cancer
Sylvia Boehme				Curing/Healing of breast cancer
T.Vestal sister				died of cancer
Tony & Jeannete Gagliano	Give them strength to go on. Tara daughter died 9/98
Tori							curing/healing of lung cancer
Tracy Walter 				Curing/Healing adenocarcinoma (cancer of the lung)
Virginia Jandris				Curing/Healing of heart problems
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