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Dear Nanc:  What a terribly sad story.  There are people like that -- I've
known two myself.  Close friends who turned out to be horribly
self-destructive.  My best friend since I was 11 years old was Suzanne.  We
went all through high school together, and when we were in our early
twenties, we were roommates.  We rented a cute, little house here in Boise
and had the best time.  She was very cute then, but even when she was very
young, she had a drinking problem.  Her parents were both alcoholics.  Her
mother died at 55 from schorosis (sp) of the liver.  Sue and I hadn't seen
each other for about 15 years when I came back to Idaho from Oregon.  It was
shocking, the change in her.  She, too, was always drunk, dirty,
chain-smoking, etc.  She had a baby at the age of 40 out of wedlock.  The
poor baby had the alcohol syndrome.  Suzanne died in her sleep a year later.
She had drunk herself to death.  My other friend -- also an alcoholic --
committed suicide when she was 42.  These were both very intelligent, funny,
attractive women.  They just didn't love themselves enough, I guess.  I do
know how you feel, though, Nanc.  It's hard to deal with.  Both your friends
were fortunate to have you for a friend.  Love, Kathy
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>Hi PJ,
>Thank you for your kind words,  it really helps.  I just got back up,
>sleep.  I think I had better be careful about saying that I'm getting cabin
>fever, I wasn't that bored that God had to take my friend.  I will just
>to stay happy all the time and greatful for all that all that I do have.
>Thank God that he blessed me with more then one friend.  Nonie was my Mol
>cancer forum friend, Evie Kubon was my neighbor and friend for 30 years,
>died by herself.  Thinking back, it was funny how we became friends.  My X
>I bought the house beside her & her family, she had 3 kids and we had 4 at
>time.  They had a dog the would go around the fence and down the drive to
>back yard and get into our garbage and just strew it all over our back
>So I would call and ask if they would please keep their Dog to home, about
>4th week of this and her screaming on the phone and telling me to keep my
>garbage in my garage, I very calmly said fine, that I had another solution
>the problem and hung up.  I went out in the back yard and picked up the
>garbage, put it in our can, went over to the fence, and dumped it into
>yard, she came out her back door, just yelling, I calmly said, he likes my
>garbage so well, I thought it best that I just gave it to him cause he
>get hit by a car on the way over here, and if you didn't like the mess,
>you can see what it was like to clean up after him.  I went back in the
>Later I seen our hubbys out back talking over the fence.  Laughing and
>around, my hubby came in the house and thanked me for tossing the garbage
>the fence, because of that the guys were going out fishing in the morning,
>garbage was fish remains from the fish my hubby had caught the first part
>the week.  They thought it was funny what us women were doing.  Her Hubby
>their Dog on a chain, the next week they invited us ladys to go fishing
>them, we've been best friends ever since.  We both caught our hubbys
>and I kicked mine out, and her hubby just went to work and didn't come home
>until he served her with papers, for divorce and what he wanted, and when
>wanted to get it.  Mine was more friendly, he was still the father of my
>children, and I wanted them to have a relationship with each other without
>problems.  I raised my children and never dated until I had the youngest in
>8th grade, Don and I met and married when she was in 12th grade.  Evie
>was able to shake the hurt and bitterness, it took over her life, she soon
>on oxygen, drinking until she was drunk every night on gin and squirt, and
>smoking one after another cigg.  It got to the point that I was her only
>friend that still stopped to visit her and call her on the phone, such a
>Lady, what a waist.  Her Sister brought her over last fall for BBQ Baby
>Ribs, and I had just talked to her on the Phone last week-end.  I feel bad
>that she was all by herself, she was able to dial 911, but they were to
>to save her life.  I do feel good knowing that she is in a finer place
>she will finally be at peace.  My Dear Friend Evie.  God Bless Her Soul.
>Sister is flying in from VA and will be staying with us until Sunday.
> Thank you for listening.
> Love and prayers to you, and yours,
> Nanc

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