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[MOL] A book on telling the kids...

A book none of us want to have to use...love, joicy

A Mother's Message Of Hope on Cancer: Woman Needed Right Book,
    So She Wrote It
    [01/28/99; Washington Post]

One chilling thought swirled through Risa Sacks Yaffe's mind after hearing
the devastating news that she had cancer: How would she tell her young

At age 34, the Rockville mother never expected to have to tell her
children, who were 5 and 8 when the disease was diagnosed in 1991, that
the bad cough she couldn't get rid of was caused by a cancerous tumor
pushing against her windpipe.

She feared they would immediately associate the diagnosis with the cancer
that took her father's life three years earlier. She and her husband, Eric
Yaffe, did not want their children to assume she would die, too, but they
had to be honest with them: It was a possibility.

Yaffe turned to the library and to bookstores looking for advice on how to
discuss cancer with children. Aside from shelves of technical writings and
one cartoonish children's book, she could not find anything helpful.

"I really was at a loss for some way to talk about it," said Risa Yaffe, now
41. "I was on my own."

Yaffe decided that if she needed helpful books, certainly there were other
families in similar situations who did, too. So she decided to write one.

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