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[MOL] Tumors killed by heat

Here's an interesting and promising approach to killing breast cancer
tumors...thinking of you all with love, Joicy

FDA Grants Celsion IDE Approval for Its Breast Cancer Device Which
    Kills Tumors With Focused Heat Alone
    [01/28/99; Business Wire]

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BW HealthWire)--Jan. 28, 1999--Celsion Corp. 
today announced that it received approval of its Investigational
Device Exemption (IDE) application from the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) for its breast cancer treatment system which
uses heat alone to ablate (destroy) breast tumors and viable
cancer cells. 

The IDE approval enables Celsion to proceed with phase one clinical
studies for its non-surgical, minimally-invasive system which
utilizes focused heat alone to kill cancerous tumors in the breast.
Preclinical studies have indicated the possibility that the treatment
will be non-toxic and side-effect-free. 

The system -- "Focused Heat Technology" --  was developed
by Celsion using proprietary technologies licensed exclusively
from several renowned engineering and medical research institutions,
including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

The full article can be found at:


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