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Re: [MOL] Hello !

   I am sorry about your father's diagnosis. I know how devastating this kind
of news can be.  I am 42 yrs. old and my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic
cancer last October.
The doctors gave him 6 mo.  It has been 4 mo and he is currently in NY
receiving treatment.  The tumor has not grown since diagnosis, but he has lost
44 lbs. and this week was diagnosed with diabetes.  We still have hope and the
knowledge that the time we have had together has been wonderfully magical.
Keep hoping, but also enjoy each day. I found that we waste alot of time being
angry. I still have my moments, but this forum has helped me emensely.  We
will pray for you and your dad.  Hang in there, it's a bumpy road.  Have the
doctors said that treatment is still an option?  There are some very
informative sites on the web.      Nisi
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