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Re: [MOL] judy

Well, Hi there old fella, How's it going. Sure have missed our little chats.
Am glad I'm back also.  Am now finished my 22nd treatment. Only 11 more to go.
Last five will be big whammies.  Went back to work and now wished I had waited
until finished with my radiation. Really tired, but hanging in there. Everyone
said how proud of me they are for doing so well.  Well, Its just what I have
to do.  I thing we just keep on trucking is all I can say. Right? How ya
feeling?  Say that you have a web site. Guess what I went there and What a
lovely family you have. I only got to read your poems, but, still have the
site and am going to go to the others today after I finish reading alllllll my
mol e-mails for 2 days. Only 369 of them. LOL.
Love ya kido,
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