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[MOL] Angelo/Insurance, etc..


I had to get referrals from my insurance company for everything.  I joked that
I had to get the ok for me to pee!!! But seriously, a friend of mine took over
calling the insurance company for me.  What a God send. She would call me
everyday to find out what else I needed and then she would call the insurance
company for me.  This saved me from alot of aggrevation at a time when I
really did not need it.  If possible, have a family member or friend to do
this for you. Make sure it is someone who is aggressive.  My friend was.  She
complained about everything and took charge.  Even when I was in the hospital
she would make a fit when those nurses were late with my pain medications,
etc....She wasn't rude mind you, just aggressive.   My prayers are with you.
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