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[MOL] Hi You are all that you are

Hi Friends

Carla I can't write as well as you and I never will no matter how hard I try.
But you definitely have me wanting to say something tonite to all of you.
I want to thank you all from my toes to my brownish greyish roots.

You let me come  into your loving, caring lives each day.  You are there for
me when I have a flood to when I need some words of wisdom.   You never cease
to amaze me.  

Today was as awful day as I can remember.  Our poor Greg is needing our
prayers. Our poor Nonie is watching us from above.  Our poor Les is needing
our prayers.
We are so lucky to have one another and sometimes my busy life doesn't let my
fingers let you know that.

Hope you know you help my heart beat everyday, with a smile and a tear
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