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[MOL] Hard day for us all

I am so very tired and I just wanted to tell you all that I truly thank God for the opportunity to be a part of your lives and have you in mine.
I never knew when I started on the cancering journey that I could hurt so bad for others, but I am glad that I do.  The only other option would be not to know you and not to share with you and the blessings that each and everyone of you have given me are the strength that I use when I am in pain.
Today has been particularly painful for me and I know for you too.  I was already having a teary day and trying to fight letting out the hurt that has been accumulating and just when I thought I had the tears under control, I turned on the computer and read my email...
I cry the tears of all who have passed on, for all who are passing over and for all of us who remain here.  I used to think that tears were a sign of weakness and I now know they are a sign of strength.  The strength to feel our hearts and give them to others,  knowing that we will often be hurt because we have.
Yet we are the ones who are better off for the fact that we truly cared.
Goodnight my moler friends..  Lift a prayer for eachother tonight and every night... There is comfort, blessings and joy in caring for others....   Carla