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Re: [MOL] Our Dear Dear Mary/from PJ

Hi Mary

Hi Sweets.  Tell Angelo that we are p r a y i n g   and loving him so much.
When my mom has hospice in last year they too told her she would lose her
bowel movements and she did.  She wore a diaper for a long time.  Still does
because she is fearful of losing it.  But anyway, you probably know this
already but we are here for you anytime.  I'm so ignorant I know, but where
did you say you lived again. Hope  you are close to me, i'm in Long Island.
If you are close to me let me know what I can do to help.  
Don't get worked up over the insurance, I know it's easy to say because I was
the one who THREATEND mom's insurance company.  I told them that I DON'T
BELIEVE IN THE BRADY BILL GUN LAW.  Guess what within hours mom had
everything, walker, potty seat, shower rails, diapers, nurses.  After about a
month of hospice mom was doing better and they took everything away.  I know
I want you to write and let me know how he is doing.  You take care of
yourself and listen to me you are loved so much here and we are going to help
you through everything and everything will be good.  My heart sends a hug and
a beat.

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