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Re: [MOL] Hello !/Reply from PJ

Hi Fanc

I'm PJ and my mom has colon cancer.  The first thing I want to say is please
know we are praying very hard for your sweet dad and for you Fanc.

Our parents are our lives I know that and you need to know that God is the
ultimate doctor.  I found that out through alot friends on this forum.
When we were told of mom's cancer we just fell apart.  She was given only 2
months to live last January 98 and she is still fighting and taking chemo.
Your dad needs you now and to keep your love right there on top.  
I'm 34 and I also have a little boy who is 3 years old now.  I know how hard
it is for you believe me.  Having a little baby and having dad with cancer.
Feeling yourself just falling falling numb all over all the time.  You need to
vent and this forum is the best place for that.  These lovely people have
given me so much since I signed on in July 98'.  You will hear alot of stories
here and you will see alot of good love going around.  
Talk to us and we will listen.  I live on Long Island, New York.  I wish I
could be whereever you are and take you and tell you that God hears you and he
knows all.  It's so hard to think but your faith needs to be there.  I always
turn my bad thoughts over to God and let him know I need him to listen to me.
Just close your eyes and feel our ((((hugs)))) around you.

What is your little delicous childs name? Mine son is Robert.  I remember when
he was 6 months his eyes just captivated me.  A childs smile is so loving and
healing to a person.  

There are alot of things to know and 1st off your calmness around your baby is
the ultimate importance.  It's hard to stay calm but you need to.  Does he
live nearby and if so have you spoken to his doctors.  

I hope I helped ease you just a little.  ALot of people here are wonderful
writers, much better than I am.  
Please stay with us and talk it's really really good to just talk even if you
vent.  I love to vent and my delicious friends here are always helping me 24
hours a day 7 days a week.  
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