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[MOL] Nonie

It is one of the worst things that we can do as molers.. turn on the computer and find that we have lost a friend.  I know that the myriad of emotions is overwhelming to me and this is my prayer as a tribute to Nonie and all of our other cancering friends...  Much love and hugs to all of you, Carla
Oh God, please be with John and the rest of Nonie's family and help them to heal from the deep pain and hole that is left in their hearts.  Please be with those of us who knew Nonie and are feeling the sharp pain of a knife in our hearts, as we learn this news.  Please be with those who are on the cancering journey, those who have a loved one who is, and don't want to see that another friend has died.
Please comfort our hearts and still our minds that we may continue to be cancering survivors, knowing that this is the greatest tribute we can pay to our friends who have passed over to be with you God.   We know that our friend Nonie is with you and that it was a  blessing that she never awoke from her surgery to have to say goodbye to John and the rest of her family and friends.  We are all grateful that the last strong memory that John has of Nonie is her smiling with the confidence of a survivor. 
Nonie was and is a survivor.  She made a mark on everyone who was blessed to know her.  We trust that she is in heaven with all of our other friends who have preceded her and that their arms were open with a comforting embrace for their sister.
God, it is a good time to remember our friends that are with you.  It is good for us to know that they are without pain and without the fear that cancer brings to so many lives.  It is good for us to be reminded that they are with you and watching out for each and everyone of us; for no one who has ever been a part of this forum, could ever die without becoming a guardian angel for those of us they left behind.
Please bring to us a warm loving memory that we have shared with each one of our guardian angels and help us to know with all certainty that leaving our physical bodies is not the death of our hearts and souls, but that our kingdom and reward is in heaven with you God.  Amen