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Re: [MOL] Our Dear Dear Mary !

Dear Lil,

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.  Angelo has good days and bad
days.  He lost control of his bladder tonight for the first time
and it really bothered him.  I tried to make it seem like it was
no big deal.  I could tell he was embarressed and upset so I made
light of it.  This seemed to help a little.  His hair has started
to fall out again!  I was praying that this wouldn't happen but,
it has begun to happen anyway.  

Hospice has really only been here a couple of times.  Since we
are privately insured they have to practically get permission
from the Insurance Co. each time they visit.  I talked to the
social worker from hospice today and she gave me the telephone
number to call for Angelo case worker at the Insurance Co.  She
said that they need to run everything by her before it is o.k.'d.
For instance, they have requested several thing for Angelo such as
a hospital table (the one's that swing over the bed so that he can
eat in bed), a hospital bed (which we already have but they may have
to switch with another company ),  a walker, a wheelchair, a 
bedside commode and Oxygen, I think.  So far they have approved the
hospital bed!  So the social worker said that maybe if I call this
case worker and rattle a few chains that I would get the things that
Angelo needs!  I don't understand why they won't approve these things.
What do they want, for Angelo to get sicker before these things are
approved and how long is it going to take to get them when he does
qualify.  This really burns me up!  I mean, I am so thankful that we
have insurance but this is aggravating.  What do people do that have
no insurance? 

The social worker also asked me if we had made any funeral plans yet!
I know I need to do this, but it is soooo hard for me!  

Angelo has a constant stream of visitors all through the day and most
of the night.  It is beginning to wear on me and him I think.  He
enjoys seeing people but it is so enhausting sometimes   for me also.

People have been bringing all kinds of food over so that I don't have
to cook.  That  part I can handle!  LOL!  

I really need you guys right now, so don't forget about me.  I will
try to check my messages at least once a day.   

Love to you all,
> Hello dear heart....time to give us our weekly update on all of you
> and how you are all fairing under this stress?  How's our Angelo
> feeling, is Hospice helping you out much, giving you good advice, the
> whole 9 yards?  Take care sweet friend, love lillian
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