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Re: [MOL] Question???

Hi Elly!  It is important to keep up the immune system as cancer is a dimmune desease.  Many of us take Vit. E. Vit B-12, multi vit. and Milk Thistle.  We also include many vegtables in our diets and soy products and milk along with tofu.  The tofu can be made in such a way that one doesn't even know what it is.  Tofu has no taste, it takes on the taste of what you put with it.  Your friend, is fortunate to have you as an advocate.  Should you need more information pls. ask.  By the way, before your friend starts on anything make sure she tells her doctor.  Your friend, lillian
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Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 9:50 PM
Subject: [MOL] Question???

I have a friend that has been diagnosed with myelofibrosis two months ago. They have already taken out her spleen. As she doesn't have a computer  she wants me to ask you if there is any vitamins, minerals or herbs that she could be taken.
I don't even know if you can answer this for me or not.
Please reply one way or the other.   Thank you!         Sincerely   Elly M