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Re: [MOL] Greg..

Hi Shona,
You always have my prayers, I will pray harder tonight.  The Pic of you anf
the Horse, is that your horse?  Is it a quarter horse?  Very pretty.  I always
had horses, now my daughter has 14.  My Dear, I also say a prayer for you too.
You are so sweet to be there to help Greg and the family, you all need each
other.  God Bless.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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 Date:	1/27/99 9:08:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	DevldogST@AOL.COM
 Hi everyone,
 Greg has gone back into the hospital today with a high fever and pneumonia, I
 dont know much more than that.  I know that you all love Greg and pray for
 all the time but I thought maybe today we could all pray a little extra?
 Thanks so much
 Love Shona

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