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[MOL] Alternative Medicine Centers

Other OAM Alternative Medicine Centers

Due to the large volume of calls to individual centers, please contact the Office of Alternative Medicine's National Information Hotline or the designated E-mail contacts for each center when requesting information.

NIH Alternative Medicine National Hotline: 1-888-NIH-OCAM (644-6226)

Center for Addiction and Alternative Medicine Research
University of Minnesota Medical School & Hennepin County Medical Center
914 S 8th St; #D917
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Principal Investigator: Thomas J. Kiresuk, Ph.D
For information contact: Jennifer Shinn, caamr@winternet.com
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program at Stanford University (CAMPS)
730 Welch Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1583
Principal Investigator: William L. Haskell, Ph.D
For information contact: Ellen M. DiNucci, M.A., dinucci@scrdp.stanford.edu
Asthma, Allergy and Immunology:
Center for Alternative Medicine Research in Asthma and Immunology
University of California at Davis
TB 192 Division of Rheumatology-Clinical Immunology
Davis, CA 95616
Principal Investigator: Merrill Eric Gershwin, M.D
For information contact: Paul A. Davis, Ph.D., camra@ucdavis.edu
General Medical Conditions:
Center for Alternative Medicine Research
Beth Israel Hospital Deaconess Medical Center
Harvard Medical School
330 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA 02215
Principal Investigator: David M. Eisenberg, M.D
For information, please send a written inquiry to the address above.
Bastyr University AIDS Research Center
14500 Juanita Drive NE
Bothell, WA 98011
Principal Investigator: Leanna J. Standish, N.D., Ph.D
For information contact: Cherie Reeves, M.S., cherie@bastyr.edu
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Division of Complementary Medicine
2200 North Forest Park, 3rd
Floor. Baltimore, MD 21207-6693
Principal Investigator: Brian M. Berman, M.D
For information contact: E. Victor Leino, Ph.D., vlieno@kernan2.ummc.ab.umd.edu
University of Virginia Center for the Study Complementary and Alternative Therapies (UVA School of Nursing)
McLeod Hall, 15th and Lane St. Charlottesville
VA 22903-3395
Principal Investigator: Ann Gill Taylor, Ed.D
For information contact: Justine Owens, jeo8n@virginia.edu
Stroke and Neurological Conditions:
Center for Research in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and University of Medicine and Dentistry at New Jersey (UMDNJ)
1199 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange, NJ 07052
Principal Investigator: Samuel C. Shiflett, Ph.D
For information contact: Nancy Schoenberger, Ph.D., schoenbe@umdnj.edu
Women's Health:
Center for CAM Research in Women's Health
Columbia University
630 West 168th St
New York, NY 10032
Principal Investigator: Fredi Kronenberg, Ph.D
For information contact: Christine Wade, wade@columbia.edu