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Re: [MOL] RE: Our Mol Friend, & My Dear Friend Died.....

Hi Sis, Lil
I think we better pray harder, Les is not doing good at all.  I called Peg
tonight, he can't walk either, pain in both arms, they think it is in his
bones now,  Their computer is still being fixed, peg will post us when she
gets it back.  She said Les has lost 30 lbs. since we were there.
Love you Nanc

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 Date:	1/27/99 8:49:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (lillian jennings)
 Dear Nanc:  I was sorry to hear of your friends passing, I know it hurts.
 You knocked me off my feet about Nonie.  When she came on line she said she
 was afraid to give her name since there was so much fuss over the Noni Juice
 and her name was so close to that.  Remember that one Nanc.  I also remember
 her last message, and such a pretty women.  This has been a rough day on us,
 with so much bad new's.  Are we praying hard enough do you think?  Maybe we
 need to pray harder.  Thank you for sharing the new's; but I am very sad
 right now.  Love, sis  I just e-mailed Nonie again last week.
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 Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 8:03 PM
 Subject: [MOL] RE: Our Mol Friend, & My Dear Friend Died.....
 >Hi to all my Dear Mol Friends, and adopted relatives,
 >My Dear friend of many years just died yesterday and I just found out
 >my daughter seen it in the paper, and called me.  We lived next Door to
 >other, raised our kids and went fishing together for 30 years. I am very
 >right now.  I had just came in from the senior hall looking at my mail, and
 >was reading a letter from the husband of one of our Dear Mol friends, which
 >Dear Don & Nancy,
 > Thank you so much for your Christmas Card.  Nonie would have loved knowing
 >that you were concerned about her sickness.  She was a brave woman.  The
 >time I saw her alive she was going into the operating room, smileing and
 >waving goodbye.  The cancer had spread so rapidley that there was nothing
 >Doctors could do to save her, she was in a coma for 7 days before she died.
 > She was a wonderful woman and I loved her dearly.  I am still having a
 >hard time letting go.
 >I thought those that knew her and her lively spirit would like for me to
 >this with them, I know Lil and I have been trying to contact her, I even
 >called and left a message on their answering machine.  The last I had read
 >post from her was just as she was leaving the house to go to the Hospital
 >her hubby and was so excited and happly, said her coach was waiting and her
 >night in shining armor was driving her to the hospital, right afted that I
 >recieved her picture of her and John.  I seen her as a real sweetheart,
 >was and is another careing Mol Angel.  If any of you would like to send a
 >letter to John, is address is;
 >John Waller
 >4004 Atlantic Ave., NO. 510
 >Virginia Beach, VA  23451
 >I have to go and order flowers and such, for my friends funeral.

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