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Re: [MOL] Another sad phone call of cancer

In a message dated 1/27/99 7:20:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

>  Thank you, Chris.  Jerry went to the doctor this afternoon -- the
>  proctologist.  He thinks it's a tumor.  He (Jerry) has a CT scan at 6:00
>  a.m. tomorrow, and outpatient surgery at 10:00.  Please keep your fingers
>  crossed.  This HAS to be diverticulitus!  I'm so selfish -- I don't know
>  what I'd do!! Kathy
Kathy, what makes him suspect a tumor?  My father was convinced his sudden and
very severe rectal bleeding was colon cancer.  He thought his back pain was
"spinal" (bone) cancer.  And when he had to get a 2nd cat scan done, he was so
sure he had prostate cancer.  What he is, is terrified of more cancer and I
can't blame him.

But the rectal bleeding turned out to be - from my information - a combo
problem between the chemo and burst thingamajigs---polyps.  My stepmother has
diverticulitis and has had surgery for that too.  The poor woman has had
surgery a/o treatments for nearly every ailment known to mankind: liver
disease, colon problems, and heart disease stemming from childhood scarlet

I guess this isn't turning out to sound as optimistic as I planned it to be,
but what I'm trying to say is that I will hold onto a positive image of that
doctor telling Jerry, "it's not what we thought, it's only......and
correctible with......."
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