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Re: [MOL] Hi!

Hi Apala

Welcome aboard. My mom also has colon cancer. She also has taken 5fu and now
is taking Camptosar.  

Now for the important part here.  Mom's oncologist (Florida) had a nurse who
had colon cancer and she found that drinking campbells soup and drinking
koolaide or gatoraide for the entire day that she receives chemo she didn't
experience nausea or diarrhea.  All she does is drink and eat that food for
the Wednesday that she receives the Camptosar.
Guess what My mom Dolly has not had any nausea or diarrhea from Camptosar.
Her oncologist said that only 1% of her patients that take Camptosar
experience the nauses and diarrhea since drinking campbells soup and koolaide.
To me that sounds pretty good odds to me.   The reason being is the salt
content throw off the side effects of Camptosar.

I must tell you my mom also takes chinese herbs.  

Now another thing is we heard a story (like everyone does right), well this
story was on the news about a Dr who told her patient to eat 1 cup of
raspberries a day.  While the doctor was monitoring her she was doing well.
After a while she was given cat scan and mri and to everyones surprise she
longer had colon cancer. 
My reason for telling you this is to pass it on.  One never knows does one.
But mom is eating the raspberries for about 2 weeks now and she is tolerating
them fine.
My mom is lucky that she is able to handle the raspberries.  The good thing is
by eating the raspberries each day she has normal bowel movements.  For some
reason the raspberries are helping her in that way.  While mom was on 5Fu she
did well but last summer her CEA count went up and her oncologist changed her
to camptosar.  

Apala tell mom to drink plenty of water a day and not to worry we are praying
very hard for her.

I'm only sharing the information that works for mom and if it works for your
mom then my heart is blessed that we are able to help one another.

Please tell us her name so that we may add her to our St. Jude Healing Prayer
Thank you for letting me tell you my story.
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