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[MOL] Hi!

Hi All,

I am back and have joined the forum mailing list again.
Hope all of you are doing ok and fighting the Monster 
with a Great Spirit ! 

An update on my Mom's condition -
My Mom had a subjective analysis of the last CT-Scan after
4 Chemos with Camptosar. The sizes of the tumors in her liver
do not seem to be changed from the time they started on this 
chemo(after the chemo with Licoverin+5fu failed)and hence it 
cannot be said if the treatment really worked or not. Although,
Mom had severe toxic effects with Diarrhoea, nausea, hair loss etc
and so the Doctors have discontinued this treatment for the time
being. Taking essiac tea has been a great help to her as it worked
as a tonic and got her a little energetic. Thanks to you, Friends, who 
gave me this advice and helped me at the time when I felt just 
disoriented and shatterred ...

My Friends, hang in there, gather some strength,courage and we will 
definitely win this battle some day !

Always a concerned and loving friend,


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